Everyone likes stuff – I like stuff that sounds good. Sometimes that stuff looks pretty neat too, but mainly I like it when it sounds cool. There’s an exciting wave of of DIY kits being made by little companies around the world who either replicate old/extinct/unobtainable gear or, in some cases (Like Seattle’s Hairball), design from scratch taking inspiration from elements of great circuits from the past. A lot of my recording gear is made this way where possible – it means I understand a lot more about how it works because I measured, placed and soldered every last component used to make it. It also means I have access to equipment that I otherwise wouldn’t if I hadn’t built it up myself.


If you want to own kit based gear but can’t solder/desolder/test/measure components then I can do it for you. GET IN TOUCH for costs – just email me a link to the kit you would like me to make and I’ll send you a price based on how long I expect it to take me.


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Sound Skulptor

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